Never settle. Never live comfortably miserable

The next time you are at a convenient store\gas station… how many men walk out on a random Tuesday at 4 or 5pm with a six or twelve pack.

I would have went to my grave miserable. Then she cheated on me in year 15. The rest is history. It was 2 years of hell but

I’M FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s hard to know you are comfortably miserable because men in general are not quitters. No one should be miserable in their marriage. For years it was like I was driving my head into the wall trying every which way to communicate. When she cheated she awoke a fucking giant.

One warning……my ex was the typical “christian conservative” and when we went to divorce she tried to make me out to be the worst husband and father. It was gross.

That’s all over now. I fought like hell and won. 50/50….no alimony or child support. It damn near cost me my sanity but I made it.

If I can make it……so can you!

All the best gentleman. Be the best you!


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